APCA board members undergo training on good governance

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This brought together APCA board members from Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Cote D’Ivore, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, and USA. The training focused on good governance and organisation development and the facilitator of the training was Mr Andre Wagner from South Africa.

The facilitator took the board members through key areas that either make or break good governance. He guided on how boards can handle key issues such as appointment of board members and their duties and roles. He taught on how the chief executive is supposed and should relate to the board and how the board should relate with the CEO in a modern organisation.

The role of the board in strategy and oversight roles of the board and the skill sets that may be required on a board. He dealt on the risks that conflict of interest can bring on the board and in the organisation and how this can be mitigated and avoided.

He guided the members on ways that can take a board to a higher level of performance and how to ensure that it is functioning well.

The other key area that boards often neglect that he emphasized is the area of policies and procedures. He endeavoured to define policies and procedures, how relevant ones are developed, implemented and complied with.

This exercise proved a very educative and equipping one for APCA and its board.

This now opens a new opportunity for APCA to again improve on its governance and have the right tools and skills to do its work.

 This kind of training is a must have for all palliative care organisations that would like to improve on their governance, sustainability and position themselves for achievement and to become better at their trade.

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