CaSIPO Team retains 100% of their patients in the Sedibeng District Municipality

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As we continue our blog series, today we highlight the great work and impact the CaSIPO project has had in the Sedibeng District Municipality in Gauteng. With 6,589 patients decanted and retained in the health system, we are super proud of this achievement! 

Background of the District

With a total geographical area of over 3, 894 kilometers and estimated population of 794,605 people, Sedibeng is the only area of the Gauteng Province that is situated on the banks of Vaal River and Vaal Dam in the Southern-most part of the Province, covering the area formerly known as the Vaal Triangle inclusive of Nigel and Heidelberg.

The Sedibeng Municipality comprises of 3 Category B municipalities:

  • Emfuleni
  • Lesedi
  • Midvaal Local Municipality








Challenges & solutions experienced while working on the project:

Lack of support and understanding of the project by facility staff – Orientation of facility staff helped to alleviate this challenge.

Data Capturing and reporting (Tier. net) at district level was not always accurate – With our experience and skills, we were able to provide a complete data clean up and dialogue!

Facility manager was not in support to decanting and often had conflict with certain CBOs – Involvement of DoH (Department of Health) at district level created harmonious relations among partners that implemented programs in the district through – district partners meetings and formation of the roving team.

Conflict among partners and ownership of patients and clubs – Provision of mentorship and support both at community and facility level helped resolve this conflict.

We are so proud of the following! 

  • What we have managed to achieve in terms of targets.
  • Our relationship with the District HAST directors office.
  • Our working relationship with partners & CBOs!
  • Leaving the community clubs to continue in the hands of DoH (Department of Health).
  • CaSIPO being the only project to leave a good practice in community adherence clubs!
  • Retaining patients in clubs & importantly in care!
  • Tools that have been adopted by the district  ( reporting , implementation )
  • Good practices: Data clean –up  initiative that CaSIPO started and was adopted by the district.

What is CaSIPO leaving behind in the District?

  • Skills and Information: Trainings (IACT , AGL , AC Facilitation , CACs , NACS )
  • SIMS assessment, reports and support provided that improve quality of the CBOs and resulted in growth for CBOs.
  • Clubs that are run in good quality!
  • Tools (Scales , BP monitors , screening tools , referral tools)
  • Club facilitator files – record keeping
  • Good practices: AC facilitation, stakeholder relations.
  • Retention of patients in care!

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