Catching up with Beatrice Delo

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Please elaborate more on your background?

I worked in a private hospital for 19 years and for me working in private hospital was extremely fulfilling. During my time I got involved in the palliative care side at the medi-clinic as well.

What was your involvement with Bethesda in the beginning?

I would come to Bethesda on a voluntary basis to enrich myself and learn more about palliative care and the more that I would experience palliative care the more I fell in love with it. I worked voluntary for Bethesda for many years and even on my off days I would come willing to help.

You moved on from medi clinic after 19 years and found your way on a more full time basis with Bethesda, how has that been for you?

It’s been enriching. I am constantly learning something new every day with my patients and with palliative care and especially in terms of the spiritually, emotional pain and for me what I love is dealing with pain management and highlighting the importance of it.

What advice would you give other nurses regarding pain management?

I would suggest that when helping the patient to not only look at the physical pain, but to consider the other side of “pain management”, which involves the spiritual and emotional pain that goes hand in hand with each other and that needs to be taking very seriously in terms of the process of healing for the patient.

What are the positives of working at hospice for you?

Personally, there are many positives for me but the main ones that stand out are seeing patients being able to receive the care they deserve in the comfort of their home and watching how they get better over time and how grateful they are for our help.

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