Celebrating Hospice Week – Passion for Compassion

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Hospices will use this week to raise awareness through various activities to highlight their essential services, which are provided regardless of the patients’ age, race or ability to pay. Hospice is not about death and dying, but life and living, quality of life. 98% of hospice care is provided in patients homes. The 134 member hospices will use the opportunity to advocate their way of life which is palliative care.

Hospices nationwide will be launching their ‘wall of compassion’ where the public are urged to visit and write their story/ words of compassion. The aim is for there to be a central place for compassionate stories to be shared and increase the passion for compassion in communities. Not only will Hospice Week and the wall of compassion give the individual hospices the opportunity to raise awareness but it will also allow them to raise funds for their much needed services. 

Contact your local hospice for more details on their exciting activities that they have planned and join them in building a better compassionate community. To find your nearest local hospice, please visit www.hpca.co.za.

Below are a few stories of compassion which were published. If you have a story to share, please email shaun@hpca.co.za.

Walking in someone else’s shoes

Going the extra mile

Nicky’s Journey in Palliative Care

Meet Sumunthra Moodley


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