Celebrating International Nurses Day: Meet Vuyiswa Constance Bekwa

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Please tell us about yourself?

I have a daughter, sister and 4 wonderful grandchildren.

How long have you been working for this particular hospice?

1 ½ years

How long have you been a nurse?

Since 1973 = 41 years

Where have you worked before joining hospice?

Old Age Homes

Why the change to hospice?

I Wanted to know more about the Palliative Care setting

What are some of the challenges you are faced with?

Education of patients who live in the low socio economic areas.Safety due to illegal electrical connections and also the various areas that one is asked to cover i.e. squatter camps. Safety in the car if it has a company logo on it for fear of being apprehended or attacked

What are the rewards of being a palliative care nurse?

Education of families about the holistic approach of care and the extra nursing care especially for the patients who are bed bound and assisting with their needs i.e. commodes / wheelchairs etc. Helping the low socio economic groups with food parcels. Seeing the patients getting better due to the extra care given. Liaising with the clinics and referral systems

Can you describe and average day at your job?

I check for new referrals with carers and clinics. Visiting patients who require visits.New admissions and new assessments. In service training with the carers that work with me. On-going education with family and patients. Liaising with the social department for the patients who require grants etc

What do you enjoy doing outside work ?

No hobbies at the moment due to being busy with the Short Course for Palliative Care for Professional Nurses. If not busy studying sometimes sew and watch TV

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