Dedicated care makes the difference

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Her tiny body, with arms like matchsticks and jutting cheekbones, created no more than a bump in the middle of the vast Hospice bed, but within that tiny frame lurked a resilient and tenacious woman.

Managing Tumi’s symptoms was initially a challenge to our nursing staff but with constant and skilful medical care, as dogged as the spirit with which Tumi clung onto life, a gradual improvement became evident.Slowly, her symptoms eased and her appetite and distinctive crooked smile returned.  Apart from the benefits of diligent nursing care, our social worker was able to address challenges at home and the improved situation there was another good reason for Tumi to smile.

After several days of intensive nursing care, Tumi’s condition improved sufficiently for her to be discharged and her family were given all the necessary support to be enabled to care for her.  It took four months before Tumi was strong enough to walk to the clinic unassisted, but today she has a new lease on life and her remarkable recovery from the brink of death still brings joy to her and her family.  Tumi’s story is one that brings great encouragement and motivation to all our staff.

Without the dedicated nursing skill and experience in symptom control of the staff at Hospice House, Tumi’s tale would have had a very different ending. Helderberg Hospice would like to thank those whose support of our care makes it possible for us to serve all in our community, including people like Tumi. Your care makes it possible for us to care – and makes the difference.

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