“Educating the community has been the biggest highlight for me” – Rose Nxumalu

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When did your journey at Verulam hospice begin?

I started to work at Verulam hospice in 2005 and my specific focus was on home based care, palliative care and I have also been trained by hospice in paediatric palliative care.

How often do you visit your patients?

I visit my patients every week, and the patients that I look after are category two and category three patients. Category two patients are patients that are not extremely ill whereas with category three those patients require a lot of attention and care and sometimes I will visit those category patients more than once a week to keep track on them.

In your personal opinion what do you feel are the benefits of home based care?

Personally I feel there are a lot of benefits when it comes to home based care. The patient is able to stay comfortable in their own home and we bring the care to them and not the other way around where they have to go sit in cold clinics or hospitals waiting for hours to get help which at times actually makes them feel much worse!

We also educate our patients when we spend time with them at their homes which is also a benefit. We are able to spend ample time explaining the signs and symptoms of diseases in general and we always educate them about TB and HIV because of its potency in communities and the devastating affect it has had on communities.

How did you come about hospice?

I used to volunteer in around my community for a while and then I attended a training course at Verulam. I then specifically volunteered in the community as a care giver for a year and then after that I was employed as a home based care sister by Verulam, which to this day I enjoy with a passion.

What have the benefits of working for hospice been for you?

It’s been really an amazing experience working for hospice. Hospice has made me so much more aware around certain aspects when it comes to medication and treatment. I have gained so much valuable knowledge regarding the benefits of palliative care and I have been trained really well by this hospice to care for patients in the most effective manner possible.

The difference we make and have been making in the communities is there for everyone to see. Patients who have been extremely ill are now well and working. Lives have been changed for the better and this is really down to the concept of hospice and palliative care and I am extremely proud to be a part of it.

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