Embracing the Quality of Life

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Those who have witnessed its work first hand through the eyes of a patient or the support of a family member will agree…Hospice is AMAZING!

My dear mom, Janet Lynn Emanuel, was the most fantastic mother anyone could ever ask for! Her calling was definitely tomotherhood and she dedicated her entire life to being a loving wife to my dad and bringing up her three daughters. She was the most hardworking lady I know and always went the extra mile for her three girls. She was the rock that held our family together.

However, in 2009 our rock started to crumple…my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. My mother’s sudden illness came as a huge shock as she was always very healthy and the last to fall ill with colds and flu. Following her diagnosis, my mother always maintained extremely high spirits and her optimism was steadfast.She fought like a true warrior never considering giving up! Her absolute commitment to winning the battle together with her always happy, bubbly nature allowed only one physical attribute to signify that she had cancer ~ her beautiful, shiny, bald head!In Mid-December 2011 my mom was given three months to live. Following the severe development of the cancer and the symptoms she was likely to face, we called upon the Howick Hospice team as we did not know where else to turn…Howick Hospice was a Godsend.

The sisters were absolute angels. They brought peace, knowledge, experience and calm with each visit! They were ananchor for my mom as well as our entire family, helping us cope with my mommy’s illness every step of the way. We felt very lonely, scared and confused watching my mom deteriorate daily and knowing that she was going to die. Caring for her became particularly difficult when she lost the ability to communicate verbally. Fortunately all three of us girls have had the privilege of sharing a very bonded relationship with our mom. So we could anticipate what she possibly needed and wanted. Hospice staff were able to make suggestions regarding care for our mom and to also loan us equipment.

The fear was lessened as the Hospice sisters were available telephonically and visited daily towards the end of her life. We felt reassured
that we could ask Hospice about anything and know that the answers would be honest, non judgemental and caring. My mom passed away on the 20th February 2012.

Food for thought…every day more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer. We need to all stand together as a community and support one another

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