Flying the Hospice Flag for Comrades!

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The Comrades Marathon is a wonderful symbol of the struggle of every person’s goal to reach the “finish line”. Just like thousands of Comrades Marathon runners set foot on a journey that brings about huge challenges, great heights and low, lows, which require digging deep. We see similarities between this ultimate human race and the journey our patient’s experience everyday.

At times when the digging deep hits rock bottom, it’s the friend, the family member, the unknown by-stander or the carer that through word and deed lift you up and set you back on the road, at that time it’s just what you need to continue on your journey.

Hospice has been allocated a refreshment station just passed the half way mark at Drummond where we will have 70 people offering the runners refreshments on their journey. Where we are positioned there is very little space for by-stander participation both on our side of the road and opposite us, in fact for most of our space allocated we have a bank where the road has been cut through the hillside. (So we have a high bank of at least 50 metres in length, the other thing we have, is a wonderful refreshing breeze) – So how can we be SPIRIT LIFTERS, what can we do that sends an encouraging message out there? A message that says “take heart, you have it within you.  You are not on your own, we are with you all the way. You will go the distance”
The hospice butterfly blessing prayer flag project

Contrary to popular belief, prayer flags do not carry prayers to gods, Prayer flags are gentle reminders, bringing us back to our essence and helping us to open our hearts and minds. When we hang prayer flags, we create the intention for more kindness for ourselves and all beings. As they wave in the wind, prayer flags lift up and carry our wishes for compassion, peace and healing around the earth.

Our Hospices and their communities have an opportunity to send their blessings not only to the 20 thousand people running on the day but out into the world. Our longing for peace, compassion, strength and wisdom is universal. A mind-blowing thought.

Why a Butterfly theme?

The Butterfly is seen and used as a symbol by hospices world-wide.They are a deep and powerful representation of life and death. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing resurrection, endurance, change, hope and life.

Our goal is to fly as many of them as we can. Hospices and their communities coming together for this The Ultimate Human Race.  The Comrades Marathon.Asajiki! There is no turning back!

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