Get ready to Lace-Up for Cancer!

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Cancers such as colon cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cancer are all symbolised by a different colour. Then I had a lightbulb moment. World Cancer day (4 February) should not only focus on breast cancer but include other cancers as well and that is when the idea hit me – get colourful laces that represent the cancer that you support and walk/run in aid of it.

Ironically, I had three people close to me affected by cancer in January 2012, which is why I wanted to do something about it – raise awareness. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his sister with breast cancer and my mother in law with rectal cancer. When I heard this news, the first thoughts that came to mind were, are they all going to die soon, what will I do without my father? The news doesn’t only affect the individual but the whole family as well.

Which started with just over 80 participants in 2012 at the Rondebosch Common has now grown to over 3900 participants in 2016 with an expectation of over 5000 participants in 2017.This event is not only to raise awareness of cancer but also give families an opportunity to commemorate those who have lost their lives to cancer or who are currently fighting this life threatening illness.

The theme “how crazy can you be for cancer”, encourages participants to dress in their most outrageous costumes and display that cancer does not necessarily have to be all sad and gloom. It is also the perfect platform for people to network and share their experiences facing cancer.

It is like one big family gathering!

The event takes place on the 5 February 2017 at the Green point Track and starts at 8am. Tickets cost R100 per person or R300 for a group of 4. Visit for more information or register at Sportsman’s Warehouse Tygervalley or Rondebosh on Saturday the 4th of February between 10:00 and 17:00 where you will receive your race number and laces.

For more information around this event contact Eric Watlington: 079 953 3003


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