Helderberg hospice acknowledges Tannie Gouwar’s love and generosity

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting such a person – Tannie Gouwar Happie.

Tannie Gouwar is 72 years old and lives in Macassar, Western Cape. Her days are busy – not only does she run a catering business from home to support her family, she also cares full time for her 42 year old disabled son who has had a stroke, and his two children.

In addition to this demanding schedule, this hard working individual finds time to help out wherever she can in her community.  No matter who you speak to, you are guaranteed to find that they have been touched by her kindness and generosity in some way.

As a committed Muslim, Tannie Gouwar believes wholeheartedly in giving and helping those in need. Entrenched in Islam is the principle that, if we give with love and pure intentions, The Almighty replaces and multiplies what we have given. Tannie Gouwar is an inspirational example of a blessed, genuine soul who truly lives her faith.

This year, we at Helderberg Hospice have had the privilege of Tannie Gouwar’s dedicated love and generosity for 16 years. Whenever we have a function or event, we can always rely on Tannie Gouwar to donate delicious, home baked treats for our patrons. What an honour it is for us to be able to call on her, and what a pleasure it is to savour her scrumptious fare!

Tannie Gouwar, thank you for all that you do for us, we love and appreciate you so much. You are such an inspiration to all of us, and to your community.

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