Homemakers reaches out to hospice

Categories: Care and Community Engagement.

As part of the annual 10-day Cancervive Ride, the HOMEMAKERS Care team joined the Cancervive riders, survivors and supporters on their journey at their awareness show at Reef Tankers, Germiston on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

With the Cancervive team, Homemakers identified Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services as a place that does incredible work for Cancer warriors and their families. After identifying the maintenance, building and repair needs to ensure Stepping Stone remains a restful, healing and safe space to be, Homemakers invited their Plus One Sponsors; IsoBoard, Hyper Paint and Eco Rubber to join them at the awareness show before they get to work at Stepping Stone’s In-Patient Unit in New Market Park.

“Both Cancervive and Stepping Stone Hospice are about sharing hope, love and joy to cancer warriors, survivors and supporters. As HOMEMAKERS we want to join in by helping create a safe and comfortable space for warriors and supporters,” says Johandie Slabbert, Head of Homemakers Care.

“This was the most amazing surprise,” explains Tersia Burger, CEO of Stepping Stone Hospice. “The immediate needs of our patients such as personal care, medicine and food always have priority over the need for maintenance of our buildings. So this gesture of Homemakers is a lifesaver in terms of ensuring we can care for our patients in an upgraded facility,” says Tersia.

To learn more about Stepping Stone Hospice and the work they do, click here