Hospice patient celebrates with loved ones

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No better way to celebrate not only Valentine’s Day, but also your birthday, with those you love and treasure the most.

Stepping Stone Hospice patient, Louise McIntyre, celebrated her 75th birthday on Friday in the hospice’s garden with her sister, her twin sons and a granddaughter “and the hospice staff of course, who I believe are all angels and hand-picked by God Himself.”

Louise has been a hospice patient for the past four years and recently admitted to the In-patient Unit in New Market Park. She was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer in 2010 and underwent several chemo and radiation sessions. “I went into remission, I’m sure it was God’s plan so that I could see my grandchildren being born and growing up.”

Unfortunately lung cancer was diagnosed four years ago, leading to Louise then registering as a hospice patient. “Hospice and hospice care was the best thing happening to me,” Louise says. “I’ve made my peace and I am blessed to be surrounded by not only my wonderful family and friends, but by these caring and beautiful souls in hospice.”

Louise has 3 children, a daughter Kirsten who heads up the medical centre on a Carnival Cruise vessel, and twin sons Angus and Quintus. And not to forget her four grandchildren “who I love with all my heart,” she says. “My children grew up in a Christian home and my grandchildren are growing up in a Christian home. That’s why I’m not scared to die, I know I will meet them all in heaven one day. That is what gives me peace. “

Two weeks ago Louise finished a hand-knitted shawl she made for hospice CEO, Tersia Burger. “Tersia deserves this gift, she’s an angel, the love of my life! And when I go to heaven, I know I will see Tersia’s daughter, Vicky, there as well, and I’ll make sure to tell her what wonderful work her mom has done back here on earth.”

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