Hyped up for my first ever Comrades Marathon!

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Running has been a significant part of my life, starting when I was 16.

Since then I have been lucky enough to participate in some of the worlds most beautiful races, most recently the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in Cape Town. This will be my first ever Comrades Marathon!

What do you enjoy about the event?

Running the Two Oceans ultra marathon in Cape Town was a very special experience, I love South Africa, and the energy from the crowds combined with the breathtaking scenery has encouraged me to set new challenges – The Comrades Marathons is a bucket list event and one I feel proud to have the opportunity and ability to run.

How do you prepare for an event this big?

Part of the fun of participating in these events is the preparation. The preparation pushes you to run further and faster, and in doing so you find yourself running in new areas and seeing new sites. Of course this takes dedication, and in the Swedish winter it is sometimes tough to get out there into the cold to train – however it is all part of striving towards a goal, and for this it is worth it.

Who are your biggest fans/supporters?

My friends and family are hugely supportive and a little worried.

What is your favourite food before and after a run?

Well my partner always has very strong ideas about what I should eat before, so before – is normally is a Pasta. After a run, this is a bit of a celebration – so what ever food that comes my way.

Do you enjoy running alone or prefer a group?

Both give energy, alone is great for thinking, like a type of meditation. With Groups it is more of a social event, where you all work towards the same goal.

How has running changed your life?

Running has created a lot of balance in my life, especially when training and preparing for a race like this, it provides and anchor in my daily life.

Is there any particular reason you chose Hospice as your preferred beneficiary?

Running the Comrades marathon, coincides with my completion of my Medical Training, and the completion of my PhD. The focus of my research has been on the elderly and the support and provision of palliative care that is required for various conditions. It is well known that we as a society need to do more to support our elderly, and supporting hospice one way we can do this.

Help Christian reach his target of R6000 for hospice here!


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