Inter-Disciplinary Patient Care

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Sophie is a category 3 patient and was admitted to Hospice on the 2nd December 2013.She is unemployed supported by her mother who is receiving government pension. She is in the process of applying for a disability grant and has one child and two grandchildren. She has severe pain on the affected breast and was referred to the social worker on the 13th January 2014. Her complaint was that she was emotionally abused by her mother who is her primary care-giver. The mother of the patient, because of the stigma still attached to HIV/AIDS did not want any information about HIV/AIDS.

When she was in pain on the 19th December 2013, the nurse communicated with the oncology doctor for a Morphine prescription which was supplied by Greys Hospital. The concern was discussed on the 12 January 2014 and a decision was made to visit the patient by both nurses who knew the patient and the social workers. The visit by two social workers and the nurse was under taken and on arrival the patient and the mother were both interviewed. Concerns, which were raised by patient, were discussed with the mother. Emphasis was put on taking care of the patient and support of her grandchildren. The attitude of the mother was positive which meant she needed full explanation; she made promises to care for her family.

When visiting the patient later she confirmed that the attitude of her mother was very positive and patient was very happy

Sophie* not her real name

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