Khanya Hospice gives thanks for donations

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Once again Dischem Foundation staff members have opened their hearts and pockets to help the work that Khanya Hospice is doing in the area.

“We have many very sick patients,” said nursing manager, Sr Sue van Rijsbergen. “Our nursing care is offered for free, but it is not free for us to provide. We have to buy whatever we need for effective care and most of our patients are not on medical aid, so they have no or very little medication.
“Wound dressing is very expensive and we use a lot of it for some serious cancer wounds. With this wonderful donation, we are able to help many patients.”  Anyone wanting to donate or volunteer at one of the Hospice shops, can call CEO, Neil McDonald on 083-597-8985 or email
“We take anything and everything that people would like to donate, from clothes, furniture, crockery and cutlery. Covid-19 had an financial impact on us and the free palliative nursing care that we offer,” said Neil. “As health care providers we have to, in many cases, also have food parcels at hand, as we cannot give a patient medication if they have not eaten. Poverty is rife and real, and we try and reach out to our patients and their families.”
The NPO thanks the owner of Umkomaas Spar, BJ Pretorius, for a donation of groceries for its patient care programme.

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