Kingfisher House to reopen

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GOOD news for the South Coast is that Kingfisher House, forced to close because of financial reasons in May last year, will partially reopen in April.

According to chief executive Di van Dyk, local support, including a substantial donation, has allowed South Coast Hospice to start reopening this valuable inpatient unit in Port Shepstone. However, she is appealing for the community’s commitment to keeping it running.

“While all donations are appreciated, we need donors to commit themselves to regular monthly donations through debit orders to help fund the running costs,” she said.

Initially, only four of the unit’s eight beds will be available for inpatients but this service will be complemented by the expanded day care service, implemented by South Coast Hospice after the unit was closed. The day care provided at Kingfisher House includes patient consultations, treatments like feet, hands and mouth care, massages, haircuts and other hygiene-related treatments.

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