#LiveCompassion: For the Love of the Community

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Before becoming a carer, Vallerie owned a small interior decorating company, something she was really passionate about. This was soon short lived as her husband became ill and was forced to take care of him which lasted for 2 years. It was during this time that she realised the importance and the effect special care had on someone – in this case, her own husband. She believes that during this time God revealed to her that this is what she needs to be doing not only for her husband but for her community as well.

“This experience with my husband has made me passionate about caring for people, especially those who are not well” she said. Vallerie then became involved in her community in Mosselbay, working as a carer for the local clinic after completing a 1 year course in Palliative Care training. Her passion for people and the community surely made a big difference for the 7 years she spent working there.

When asked how she ended up working @ Peace Care Centre: “This is quite a funny story. After 7 years of working in the community, I was at home for a month hoping to get back into interior decorating. This however did not work for me as my passion for caring for people was really strong. I decided to apply at various old age homes within the community and my last stop was @ Peace Care Centre. The staff knew me there as I worked closely with them occasionally. As I dropped my resume, I was asked if I could not come in later as they were short staff and needed extra hands to help. I agreed and 2 years later – I am still here!  I love working at the IPU especially meeting new people.” She added.

One of the biggest highlights for her is walking the journey with patients as they encounter their last days. “I always try my best to ensure patients that they are not alone and that I am here every step of the way”. Seeing patients die in dignity and pain free is absolutely the best feeling one can experience. It is sad to see them go – but knowing that they left peacefully, is all that matters.

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