Meet Charmaine Swartz

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She completed her practical with Anthony Ghillino and on the first day she started at the Quad Para Association,he was one of her main patients she helped about 10 years ago. In the 10 years that she has worked at the Quad Para Association assisting people living with disability the biggest eye opener for her, is that they are normal people like you and me, it’s just that physically they are disabled however mentally there is no problem with them at all. She feels that is a common misconception that needs to change.

Charmaine loves her job and for her it is not only about the money, because she stated one can earn a lot of money but not be happy in their job, and for her that is not the case. She really does love working with the disabled and being able to assist everyone.

A perception Charmaine had about disabled people before she worked at the Quad Para Association was that she ‘feared’ them in a way, she would avoid walking or talking to people with disability because of what she thought they were about, which was not the case.

She has learnt that in life, through working with people who have disability that you should put aside your own needs for people and help them wherever you can. This job she feels has really been a good reality check and it has humbled her in a way of appreciating what she has in life and being grateful for it.

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