No Strength Without Unity

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Day-care centres at hospices plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of patients. Not only does it help patients with a range of issues they find themselves in such as physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological problems but also helps them to manage their symptoms, gain confidence and help improve their quality of life. For Irene Fisher this is exactly what she encountered.

In December 2016, Irene was diagnosed with anal cancer and left with a large tumour. The only solution was to cut part of her rectum away but in order for this to happen, she needed to gain weight as at the time she was very skeletal. In the process of gaining weight, she then ended up at hospital with lung infection where she remained for a duration of 6 weeks. Her weight dropped further and weighed a merely 35kg.

With her body deteriorating, the family thought that this was it – there is no recovery from here and emotionally prepared for the worse. They then reached out for help from Msunduzi Hospice where Sister Brenda came to visit her in hospital. Hospice was not giving up on her and intervention took place. By the time Irene left the hospital, hospice had already arranged a wheelchair, walker and have already counselled the family. Irene expresses her gratitude for the home visits she received from carers and the love and compassion ensuring that she gained weight and was living a healthy lifestyle.

The hospice day-care centre and the people who attends really means a lot to me. Not only do we discuss our illnesses but we also support each other when it is needed the most. For now this is the only thing that is helping me remain positive and ensuring that there is always people who I can depend on when I need to.  

Find out more about Msunduzi hospice here.



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