Pink Drive Against Cancer Kicks off at Khanya Hospice

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Madelein Van Heerden from the local Surf  Shop, Surfers Paradise at the Scottburgh Mall and a hospice volunteer has taken on this challenge and aims to get all the local businesses and business people involved in sponsoring and wrapping pillars in the Scottburgh shopping mall with pink material – in aid of Hospice and cancer awareness.

This Awareness Campaign has been extended to other shopping malls because of the popular demand and people have been coming forward to help. Madelein is challenging other Mall Managers and Shops to do the same – to support Rotary who will be handing over a donation on 9th August 2015 which will be National Woman’s Day.   

Hospice is encouraging other Volunteers to do the same “Pink Drive” in their area. Other shopping malls who would like to participate can contact Hospice. Aneska Dupont from Rotary and Volunteers in many cities in and around South Africa and different parts of the world, are going to be taking part in helping Khanya Hospice with the huge fundraising initiative.  

Madelein, Aneska and Hospice  will all be focussing on selling PINK material in aid of Cancer awareness and the work Khanya Hospice is doing. People are encouraged to wrap  “trees in pink” infront of their houses and/or offices and surrounding areas.”Just wrap anything in Pink” says Neil.We need to create awareness and we are sure people will take note of our fight against the dreaded disease.   

This initiative will help raise most needed funds for Khanya Hospice, who offers palliative Nursing Care to patients diagnosed with cancer, on a daily basis.Cancer is a serious matter, full stop. To be diagnosed with cancer can be a traumatic not only for the patient, but for the family and friends of the patient as well.To be a cancer survivor, is a luxury a lot of people do not have.It does help to be a member of a medical aid and to be supported by your loved ones while you concentrate on getting better. There are many patients who do not have medical aid and have very little if any financial support.This battle suddenly becomes a creature of a totally different nature. Helping those who need it most, is therefore the driving force behind the “Pink Trees” initiative.  

The reality is – there is a great need  out there. Can you imagine if there are rows and rows of pink trees down your street, or in your area,  wow – that will send a serious message to all and sundry – we are serious about resisting and fighting this dreaded disease and offer support to people who need this, but need your support in this initiative.

Where can you start?  By contacting Aneska on 083-255-2588 or Hospice and contributing your first R100 for 5 meters of pink material.  Aneska has bought 1 kilometre of pink material for this initiative and will be selling pieces of this pink material to whoever wants. Challenge your neighbour’s, working colleague’s, family, friends, by wrapping your trees, pillars, fences, or just drape the pink material in or infront of your house or office. This should be great fun for a good cause. People worldwide are also participating. People can also go and buy any bright pink material, wrap their trees, poles or pillars and donate money to Khanya Hospice. 

For more information on this campaign and how to get invloved, please contact Neil:   or if you need to contact Hospice,  039 973 1783 or call 0835978985

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