Q&A with Mrs Reddy, a recovering patient currently being looked after by Khanya Hospice

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  • What was the reason for the amputation?

Last year in May I had some small issues in my leg, I felt it pain a lot and it made me very uncomfortable. I then decided to go for a check-up. I phoned my brother, he picked me up and off we went to a hospital in Port Shepstone.

On arrival they completed some scans and I waited for results. Unfortunately, when they arrived with the results it was bad news. I had a serious disease in my left leg and I had to have it amputated as soon as possible. The procedure was then completed the following week and I was in the Hospital for 4 months.

  • How was the recovery process?

The recovery process was a difficult one, it was a major adjustment for me not having both my legs and I found this very challenging. At times I had really bad days emotionally and it would affect me because then I wouldn’t take my medication and pills which I needed to take.

  • How did you find out about Khanya Hospice?

My brother who was helping me a lot at home spoke to me about hospice. From what I knew, I though hospice was a place people go to die, however my brother reassured me that was not the case and that it was the opposite. He mentioned to me that they will come to your bed side and assist you with medical treatment, pain and symptom management. I thought the sound of that was really good, so I contacted the closet hospice to me and that was Khanya hospice.

  • What has Khanya hospice really helped you with?

They have really been amazing to me. They provide me with nappies, food, and even a wheelchair! They visit me at least every twice a week and at most once a week. The visits I really do look forward to. Emotionally they have made me so much stronger and I am really appreciative of Khanya hospice and everything they have done for me.

Find out more about Khanya hospice here and how you can get involved and make a difference.

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