Refugees and war – the challenge to palliative care

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“Recent information tells us that people live in refugee camps for many years,” writes Joan. “There must be many who are living with cancer, organ failure, and other life-limiting conditions, and this must include children, older persons, and those living with disabilities – increasing their vulnerability and surely leading to a higher, and earlier, mortality.

“As the palliative care community, with skills, knowledge, compassion and access to a global network of support, we could and should be there. How and in what form we get there is the challenge.”

A group from the ICPCN, Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance and International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care is working on a strategy and an action plan, and all thoughts and ideas are welcome. 

Read Joan’s article on the International children’s edition of ehospice, and email Joan at if you would like to contribution to this project.

Joan’s article follows a call earlier this week from the World Health Organization for protection of health workers in conflicts and disasters. Read more about this on ehospice.

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