Roy’s Hospice Heroes

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Because it was identified early enough and with the necessary treatment, the cancer was cleared to the joy of Roy but 8 months later his condition soon changed as he currently suffers with a coalition in the hip. He shares his experience before being diagnosed with anal cancer and his encounter with Verulam Hospice.

Roy started experiencing an incredible amount of pain in his knee and leg. After consulting with his GP, it was recommended that he visit an oncologist for further tests. It was then that they discovered he had anal cancer. The oncologist was very concerned about his health and contacted Sister Jenny, a nurse from Verulam Hospice for further intervention and since then Roy’s perception of hospice has changed drastically.

“Sister Jenny is an absolute lifeline! Just to see her is a great deal of strength especially when one becomes depressed from time to time and you all by yourself.” he said. “Hospice was able to assist me with so many things such for example transporting me to hospital for my checkups, dietary advice and most importantly pain management. Some doctors are not concerned about pain management but through hospice intervention they have assisted with this really effectively” he added.

I have definitely benefited from hospice care and without their support I would be lost. Knowing that I can pick up the phone anytime for help, gives me peace of mind.

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