Social Media Helps to Spread Random Acts of Kindness

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As we approach World Hospice Palliative Care Day 2022 we are reminded of what a powerful tool social media is. Not only does is it help showcase the work hospices do, but it also generates support in critical times of need.

In 2014 Cynthia Bond (74), a long-term patient at FWC Hospice which operates in Johannesburg’s West Rand area, was diagnosed with an acute form of Rheumatoid Arthritis that left her completely immobile. Cynthia is currently only able to move her head without experiencing excruciating pain and must be turned as regularly as possible.

Thanks to an article about Cynthia that was shared on ehospice SA in October 2021, a kind-hearted citizen named Steve Drennan who works for a company called Arjo spotted the article. Steve sent the article on to the Business Development Consultant at Arjo’s Pretoria Head Office who reached out to FWC Hospice to find out how the company could help. Arjo sells medical devices and solutions that are “dedicated to empowering movement” and it was quickly determined that their Alpha Active® 3 pressure redistributing mattress overlay system might help to improve Cynthia’s level of comfort in a dramatic way.

The Alpha Active® 3 mattress overlay system was designed for prevention and management of pressure injuries for patients like Cynthia, but many hospices are not able to afford this for their patients. It is water-resistant vapour permeable and includes a low-pressure alarm and much more.

The mattress, which arrived in 10 January 2022 has been a big help in trying to alleviate some of the pain Cynthia experiences daily and it provides her with a new level of comfort. Although Cynthia’s medical condition remains the same, the smile & sparkle in her eyes is brighter than before thanks to her silent prayer which was answered by Steve’s random act of kindness.

For us at FWC Hospice, one of the learnings is to keep sharing our stories and to share them on as many social media platforms as possible. You never know which angels might be reading…

Liezl Kennedy, Project Manager, FWC Hospice

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