South Africa’s path to universal health coverage: a new Presidential Health Compact

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South Africa is taking steady steps towards UHC with the government and Ministry of Health working in solidarity with a range of stakeholders and the Presidential Health Compact, aiming to improve the country’s health care.

In July 2019, the President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril M Ramaphosa, launched the ‘Presidential Health Summit Compact – Strengthening the South African health system towards an integrated and unified health systems’, which lays out a five-year roadmap for health systems strengthening reforms under the ‘9 pillars’ for accelerating UHC in South Africa.

“Currently, the vision of growing South Africa together is taking shape once more in the vital area of health where Section of 27 of our Constitution affirms the right of all for all people to have access to health care services, including reproductive health care, sufficient food and water, and social security including appropriate social assistance.”

“To give effect to this right, government and social partners have engaged intensively and collaboratively in a national effort to create one health system and introduce universal health coverage in the form of National Health Insurance (NHI). For NHI to be successful, it has to be implemented simultaneously with a quality improvement programme,” said Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa President of the Republic of South Africa

The President and Minister of Health-South Africa signed the Presidential Health Compact along with representatives of various stakeholder groups who agreed to work collectively on 9 pillars for a stronger health system capable of providing access to quality health services for all South Africans.

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