Stories of hope: Thembalitsha Foundation

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Thembalitsha, a non-profit organization that operates a seven-bed 24-hour hospice facility called ThembaCare in the rural town of Grabouw, has shared the following Story of Hope with us. 

It’s a wonderful example of how team work and care can make all the difference, especially during these challenging times…. 

“A diabetic patient was recently referred to ThembaCare by the Grabouw Government’s CDC/Day Hospital to be monitored through the In Patient Unit, as she had had multiple incidents of alternately going into dangerous episodes of hyperglycaemia (extremely high blood sugar levels) and hypoglycaemia (extremely low blood sugar level) episodes and this was making her medical management at home challenging.

After a month of following the Individual Care Plan that the hospice created for her, staff began to see a major improvement in her response to her medication. She was then taught to take over the responsibility of her own diet and healthcare by ensuring that she documented her blood sugar readings every day.

Due to the challenge of Cocid-18, she was also taught on how to keep herself & her family safe by ensuring proper hand washing & the wearing of a mask when back at home. The hospice staff did not stop there though.

They also helped her to apply to SASSA a Disability Grant so that she could continue to provide for her family. After being stabilised, the patient was discharged back home and continues to be currently monitored telephonically by ThembaCare Grabouw’s Home Based Care team, safe in the knowledge that during this challenging time, help and care are only a phone call away.”

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