The importance of a careworker

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In today’s article we highlight the importance of the careworker and how they have made real positive impacts in two separate case studies.


In our first case study we highlight the intervention of the care workers with regards to a young patient who was admitted for both HIV and TB. At the time of being admitted the patient could not walk, felt extremely alone, and had no one to help or care for her. She weighed 35kg.

Hospice staff was notified by the community of the patient and immediately made the intervention. Along with the professional nurse and the careworker they were both able to ensure that the patient took her treatment correctly for both TB and ART.

They provided her with ensure, morvite and food plates when they could as well. She is now able to walk with much more confidence, do chores, and her weight improved tremendously from 35kg to 44kg. She is so grateful for the intervention of hospice staff and whenever the staff from hospice are around she feels joy and hope because of what they have done for her.


Our next case study focuses on a female patient who was terminally ill and bedridden when admitted to Hospice. She was 50 years of age, had TB 5 times and was not adherent to her ART and TB treatment. The care worker and professional nurse put the necessary measures in place to make sure that the patient would be persistent with her treatment and not default. They visited her at least thrice a week, provided her with counseling and advised her that leading a healthier lifestyle can help prevent any serious infections occurring.  

The careworker long with the nurse taught her to eat well, rest and exercise. To be extra safe they also sent the whole family for TB testing because of TB being an infectious airborne disease.

On admission the patient weighed 37kg and after the intervention but more importantly the persistence of the hospice staff in making sure the patient stayed healthy and adherent on her treatment, she now weighs 47kg! She is extremely grateful for hospice staff and even refers patients to hospice.

She is a big ambassador for hospice.

The above case studies are a true reflection of the good work Zululand hospice are doing. Names of patients have been left out due to confidentiality.

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