Universal Health Coverage Day: #KeepthePromise

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23 September 2019 was a historic moment in the global fight for health equity.

On that day, leaders from all United Nations Member States—including South Africa unanimously committed to achieving universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030 in the most ambitious political declaration on health in history.

193 nations upheld health as a human right and pledged to ensure that all people, everywhere, should get the quality health services they need without facing financial hardship.

Universal health coverage is a nation’s promise to its citizens, and it’s time that leaders kept their word. By making progress toward health for all, we help more children and young people stay in school, more adults earn a living, and ensure that South African citizens don’t have to choose between paying for food and buying medicine.

Our actions in the next few years will set our trajectory toward 2030. As our movement continues to gain momentum, we ask that you add your voice to the fight for universal health coverage.

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It’s time to keep the promise of #HealthForAll.


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