Amazon reinstates Hospiscare account after verification delay

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Hospiscare lost £12,500 as a result of the account’s closure. A spokesman for the hospice stated that their Amazon transactions were an important revenue stream for the charity, generating around £5,000 per week from selling books, CDs and games that had been donated by the public.

The charity operated the Amazon account for five years with no problems. All sellers on Amazon need to provide business credentials, however recently the retailer’s proof requirements changed, and while the hospice had submitted the correct documentation their account remained suspended.

Furthermore, when Hospiscare tried to solve the issue they were not able to speak to anyone in person at the retailer, and emails went unanswered.

After the hospice raised the issue with Hospice UK and the media, the account was reinstated.

Hospiscare’s chief executive Glynis Atherton, said:

“The £12,500 that we have lost so far would have paid for more than 400 hours of specialist nursing care for dying patients.”

“The customer service is absolutely appalling, but the worse thing is that our patients and families will suffer as a result of Amazon’s ineptitude.”

“We felt we had to bring this into the public eye to try and get Amazon to listen to us. Last year we paid Amazon £36,000 in commission fees. We simply cannot  afford to keep losing income.”

Several other hospices are believed to also be experiencing delays getting their Amazon accounts reinstated. 

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