Calling all male carers

Categories: Community Engagement.

There are almost seven million carers in the UK and over the next 30 years the number of carers will increase by 3.4 million (around 60%). 

The 2001 Census for the UK showed that 42% of carers are men. As many people view caring as a female role, it may mean mean that fewer male carers feel it is appropriate to seek support.

Carers Trust and the Men’s Health Forum are keen to increase understanding and awareness of the needs of male carers and how services can respond to their needs. 

The survey, which can be completed online, will be available until 23 February 2014. A hard copy of the survey can also be printed off here and completed surveys sent back to: Kirsty Slack, Carers Trust, 32-36 Loman Street, SE1 0EH.

Results from the survey will be published in Spring 2014.

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