Celebrating Care Homes

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This two-day conference showcases examples of exemplary practice and research in care homes. It demonstrates what can be achieved by staff who embrace the challenges of caring for very frail older people at the end of life.

The conference will present results from a cluster randomised controlled trial in relation to facilitating change when implementing end of life care programmes in nursing homes. A wide variety of speakers including Professor Ladislav Volicer and Professor Joyce Simard, sharing their knowledge and experience with people who are dying from very advanced dementia, will make this conference a must for any health or social care professional involved with the holistic caring of frail older people.

The St Christopher’s Hospice Arts Team will present their work with care homes.

Day 1

9 May 2013, Bloomsbury Holiday Inn, Coram Street, London WC1N 1HT

Topics Include:

  • Dementia and end of life care
  • Current thinking – what works for nursing homes
  • Measuring quality – how do you know it works?
  • How to get the best out of your GP
  • The Arts and care homes
  • Facilitation of change – what’s effective
  • Namaste – Providing comfort and pleasure at the end of life 
  • Symptoms at end of life in frail older people.

Day 2

10 May 2013, Education Centre, St Christopher’s Hospice, London SE26 6DZ 

Topics Include:

  • Intimation of dying
  • Advance care planning
  • Reflective de-briefing following dying
  • Symptoms assessment and management tools in very frail older people
  • Facilitating care at the end of life – residential homes 
  • Visit to local care homes in the afternoon to observe
  • Reflective de-briefing sessions in action
  • Visit to St Christopher’s Hospice + round table discussion
  • NAMASTE in action
  • Visiting a GSFCH in action in a ‘beacon’ nursing home 
  • The ‘steps to success’ end of life programme in practice in a residential home 
  • Visit to residential home undertaking ‘steps to success’ end of life care programme

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