Current and future perspectives on clinical outcomes for palliative care in the NHS

Categories: Community Engagement.


This meeting will ensure that you can identify ‘outcome measures’ and ‘quality indicators’ and know how outcomes are measured as well as help you establish clinical outcomes and outcome measures in your role or team.

It is hoped that by the end of the day attendees will be able to:

  • Describe what an ‘outcome measure’ and a ‘quality indicator’ is
  • Consider how outcomes might be measured in palliative care, across settings and organisations
  • Consider what constitutes a valid and reliable outcome measure
  • Consider the best ways of introducing measures into teams
  • How wider palliative care provision can be incorporated in to outcome assessment and planning (e.g. pastoral care)
  • How measures can inform team management and change
  • The role of measurement in quality improvement
  • How outcome measure findings and results can be transformed into useful and uniform language and ideas that facilitate organisational comparisons and working
  • Clarity in what is not being measured, and what is not measurable

Book your place at this meeting until Tuesday 15 September 2014 and save up to £30 with our early bird rates.

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