Dementia Masterclass – The Challenge

Categories: Care.

Over 90% of people with dementia experience behavioural and psychological disturbance in the course of their illness. Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia are distressing to the individual and their family and professional carers; they add greatly to the emotional and physical burden of caring, and often pose a serious risk to the person and those caring for them. The person often lacks capacity to engage with the decisions needed to ensure safety. Understanding of the biological basis of neuropsychiatric symptoms is limited, and interpreting such complex behaviour requires a bio-psychosocial model that takes the person’s individuality and unique life history into account. 

The focus of the day will be the experience of expert clinicians working with people with dementia whose behaviour challenges. Speakers will look at neuropathology, the evidence base for the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions, the efficacy and safety of available drug treatments, and highlight best practice guidelines.

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