Dementia specialists and link workers for Scotland

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The 14 newly-appointed nurses will work with ‘Dementia Champions’ to support, train and educate other healthcare staff to understand and support the needs of those with dementia.

Cabinet Secretary of Health, Alex Neil, announced: “In addition, we have made the guarantee that, from next April, all people newly diagnosed with dementia will be entitled to at least a year of post-diagnostic support, coordinated by a link worker.”

Chief executive of Alzheimer Scotland, Henry Simmons, said, “Along with the other strategic investments in the Dementia Care Standards, Promoting Excellence Framework and the Dementia Champions, we can expect to see a rapid improvement in the overall quality of care.

“We are very pleased that the National Dementia Strategy has highlighted acute care as a priority area and we are extremely pleased that the Scottish Government is now jointly funding these crucial positions.”

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