Deregulation of not-for-profit film nights

Categories: Community Engagement.

Last week the government published a draft deregulation bill as part of its drive to remove unnecessary bureaucracy, “freeing UK businesses from red tape and making life easier for ordinary Britons.”

The bill includes measures to allow films to be shown in ‘community premises’ (such as village halls and community centres) between 8am and 11pm without the need for an event licence. This would only cover not-for-profit screenings with a maximum audience of 500 people. Screenings would also need to be held in accordance with any age classification recommendations set by the BBFC, or where different, any age rating set by the Licensing Authority in whose area that exhibition takes place.

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has launched a consultation on these proposals which asks for feedback on a number of questions, such as:

  • Are the premises that are captured in the definition of ‘community premises’ the right ones?
  • Do you agree that the deregulatory proposal should apply only to ‘not-for-profit’ film activity?

The consultation runs until 28 August 2013 and further details can be found on the GOV.UK website.

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