ehospiceUK and Compassionate Communities UK are excited to announce that they have entered into a formal partnership.

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A new partnership between Compassionate Communities UK (CCUK) and the UK edition of ehospice is being launched today.  CCUK will be contributing stories to the UK edition as well as editorials. Both organisations will share messaging across their social media platforms.

Prof. Liz Gwyther, chair of ehospice, said:

“We are pleased to welcome Compassionate Communities UK and we look forward to working closely with them over the coming months and years. We are enthusiastic about increasing awareness of the importance of building Compassionate Communities and the links with Palliative Care.

The partnership is formally focused on the UK edition but we also look forward to a series of editorials for our editorial edition and we are sure that many stories will find their way into other editions as well.

ehospice exists to share news and promote awareness of all aspects of hospice, palliative, end of life care and we see this new relationship as an important step forward as we seek to work closely with everyone in our field.”


Dr Julian Abel, Director of CC-UK said:

“ehospice has connected people in the field of palliative and end of life care for many years.

We are delighted to partner with ehospice particularly at a time when the public health approach to palliative and end of life care is gaining momentum.  A Compassionate Community is one where love, laughter and friendship flourishes where services intervene when needed to support activated citizens and their social network.

We hope our partnership with ehospice helps to contribute to the discussions, knowledge sharing, thought leaderships skills and strategies as we all work towards improved care for everyone impacted by serious illness, caregiving and bereavement.


For more information about CCUK go to:


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