Fitness star Mr Motivator is getting hospice supporters moving during isolation

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St Barnabas Hospice has partnered with 1990s fitness star Mr Motivator to encourage people to exercise while staying at home in isolation.

Mr Motivator, real name Derrick Evans, is the fitness instructor who rose to fame on GMTV in the early 90s. He’s now joined forces with the Lincolnshire hospice to bring the #IsolationMotivation campaign into people’s homes, with the aim of getting them to exercise, and fundraise if they wish.

The coronavirus has brought many challenges for charities. As well as developing new opportunities to continue raising money for their services, they are having to find ways to engage supporters and help them with their wellbeing and health during these unprecedented times, while contributing to the national coronavirus effort.

For St Barnabas, the answer is the #IsolationMotivation campaign. Its aim is for members of the public to exercise whilst social distancing, keeping hospice supporters engaged with a fun alternative to mass participation events, and if they can, either donate or raise some much-needed money for end-of-life care in Lincolnshire.

Mr Motivator said: “We want you to get involved, get off your sofa and stay fit. If you could donate to St Barnabas that would be great too!

“Do the Mr Motivator work-out once a day for two weeks and raise £28 for the hospice. That’s £2 a work-out and you’re halfway to a healthy habit.

“Stay inspired and motivated every day. Stay healthy at home with Mr Motivator and #IsolationMotivation!”

The hospice’s Challenge Events Fundraiser Mike Pastor, added: “£28 would help our nurses to care for a patient in their own home for an hour-and-a-half. Even during this period of isolation, our nurses will be travelling to visit some of the most vulnerable in Lincolnshire, helping those at the end of their life to die with dignity and compassion.

“It is tough being told you have to stay indoors as much as possible, so we are trying to bring some light-hearted fun to living rooms across the country. We want to get people up on their feet, get people motivated and raise a smile during this dark time.”

Those wanting to get involved are encouraged to share photos and videos of themselves, their friends and family taking part, using the hashtag on social media.

The work-outs take place at 10 am each day for two weeks. To access them visit St St Barnabas Hospice on Facebook

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