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Taking place across Scotland from 2-6 May, Demystifying Death Week is about shining a light on death, dying and bereavement in Scotland. We are encouraging people to get involved by holding events that bring death, dying and bereavement into the limelight. This year, there is a special focus on grief in the workplace.


People usually want to do the right thing when someone they know is caring, dying or grieving. But often they can feel awkward offering help, or worry about making things worse.

People often have questions about serious illness or death. But often they don’t know who to ask.

Making plans when you’re healthy means there is less to think about when you’re ill. But often people put off making plans until it is too late.

Demystifying Death week is about giving people knowledge, skills and opportunities to plan and support each other through death, dying, loss and care.


Since the first death awareness week back in 2013, each May, people across Scotland have organised local events giving people the chance to talk about death, dying and bereavement.

Hospices, community groups, NHS and arts organisations have organised a range of events including death cafes, pebble painting, exhibitions, information stands, film showings, discussion groups and much more.

grief in the workplace

This year we’re making a special effort to shine a light on grief in the workplace.

No-one can take away the pain of grief. But a supportive workplace can make things a little bit easier to deal with.

On the other hand, insensitive treatment from an employer, line-manager or colleague can make bereavement experiences even more distressing.

For Demystifying Death Week this year we’re launching a suite of resources to help managers, employers and colleagues create more compassionate workplaces for people who have been bereaved.

Find out more and get involved.

events and small grants

Would you like to be involved with this year’s Demystifying Death Week? We have lots of resources to help people put on events, including a small grants scheme.

Find out more and get involved


Demystifying Death Week takes place across Scotland. It coincides with Dying Matters Week, organised by our sister organisation, Dying Matters, in England. You can check out Dying Matters Week here:

Dying Matters Week.


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