Help local carers to find out about their rights on 28 November

Categories: Community Engagement.

Carers Rights Day is an annual awareness raising campaign where individuals and organisations across the UK hold events and activities to spread the word among carers in their local community about their rights and how to get the help and support they are entitled to.

Every year, more than two million people become carers. Many struggle to navigate the maze of services and entitlements, and miss out on financial and practical support. And it’s not just people who are new to caring – even those who have been caring for years sometimes aren’t aware of their entitlements.

Caring can present all kinds of challenges, and so it is important that all carers know where to turn for advice, information and support, whether in their local community or online.

As well as helping carer’s directly, Carers Rights Day aims to raise awareness of the needs of carers with the public, decision makers and professionals.

Sign up now to hold an event and Carers UK will send you an electronic copy of its organisers’ guide, which contains everything you need to plan, promote and deliver an event. You can also order a free organisers’ pack, which includes copies of the newly updated ‘Carers Rights Guide: looking after someone’, as well as poster templates to help promote your event.

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