Hospice Care Week 2015: Connecting Care

Categories: Community Engagement.

As I joined Hospice UK in July as national hospice support manager, I cannot claim to have come up with ‘Connecting care’ as the theme for Hospice Care Week.

However, having worked previously in local hospices, and on the project for the last three months, I am reminded every day how true to hospice life the theme is.

When I was briefing the designers for how I wanted the marketing materials to look an image of interconnecting gears sprang into my mind. Luckily, they interpreted my waving hands on Skype and produced materials that illustrated the point; interconnecting circles representing all the different teams in a hospice that work together to deliver patient centred care.

As I have spoken to member hospices about their plans for Hospice Care Week, many are working together to share resources and make a bigger impact.

Case studies are coming in about hospices working with other organisations to make care happen. While the stories are all very different they all have one connecting theme; teamwork delivers hospice care and that is something really worth celebrating this Hospice Care Week.

For further information about Hospice Care Week please go to the Hospice UK website.

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