Hospice charity shop launches zero waste initiative

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A charity shop run by St Ann’s Hospice in Greater Manchester has launched a range of zero waste household products and toiletries.

Currently eight products are available to buy waste free, including shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, washing up liquid, laundry liquid and multi surface cleaner. Customers can bring their own containers and simply fill them up with the products they want in-store. The container is then weighed by the store staff so the price can be calculated.

All of the products are environmentally friendly and safe to use around the home. The Ecoleaf range is derived from plant extracts and based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients, rather than the chemicals found in many household brands.

The shop also stocks a range of eco-friendly goods including bamboo tooth brushes and reusable cups and bottles.

Sales Development Manager Ryan Perkins explains why they decided to launch this initiative:By its nature charity retail already contributes a great deal to helping people reduce their impact on the environment. With consumers now being more concerned about the issue of plastic waste than ever, we wanted to give them the opportunity to go waste free as well as dropping off a donation and maybe picking up a bargain when they visit us.

“The benefits are obvious – not only does it slow down fast fashion but it promotes reusing and recycling. As people have become more conscious of their impact on the planet and in particular the use of plastics the zero waste revolution was born and it was an obvious movement for St Ann’s Hospice’s charity shops to get involved in.

“At the moment our zero waste fixture includes mainly liquid household products but it’s already proving to be very popular so the range may be extended. With our 14 charity shops including a vintage shop selling specialist books and collectibles, furniture shops and a bridal shop, we’re making it easier for people across Manchester and Stockport to live a more sustainable life while helping us to raise really valuable funds for St Ann’s.

“The feedback from customers has been overwhelming positive with customers enjoying the opportunity to pick up a few essentials, drop off a bag of donations or browse the clothing rails and grab a bargain. It’s an exciting movement and it’s good that St Ann’s Hospice are able to join in so early on, and I’m sure many other charities will follow suit.”

The most recent Charity Retail Survey found that in 2018 alone, 327,000 tonnes of textiles were kept out of landfill as a result of charity retail in the UK, and charity shops reuse or recycle more than 90 per cent of all donated items.

For more information visit St Ann’s Hospice

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