Hospice education team plan innovative new conference to be held online in April.

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Contemporary Issues Surrounding Death and Grieving, 28 April 2023: Oxford Centre for Education & Research in Palliative Care (OxCERPC) have recognised that there are contemporary issues surrounding death and grief that clinicians need to be aware of. They have therefore planned a new study day to be delivered live online, but in recognition of clinical workloads etc they will also be making the recordings available for those who register attendance, for a period of 3 months after delivery of the study day.

With the help of James Norris, founder of the Digital Legacy Association and My Wishes, we will consider what impact this has on issues surrounding death and grieving. James organises the annual Digital Legacy Conference, runs educational workshops, has dealings with various governments and provides thought leadership in digital death, bereavement, and technology.

We have Lis Whybrow, a life coach who focusses on End-of-Life grief and bereavement, who will consider the cultural impact of death and grief in 2023. Lis is also a Director of BrumYODO (You Only Die Once) encouraging and facilitating public discussions about death and grief, as well as working with the National Bereavement Service.

A team of clinicians from Helen & Douglas House Hospice in Oxford – Dr Emily Harrop, Dr Jo Wilson, Emma Jordan, and Rosa Mowles-Van der Gaag – will give a panel presentation on how issues around death and grief affect teenagers and young adults, and link this to what practitioners in other teams should know in order to help those they may encounter.

And finally, researchers from Oxford University, Dr Louise Dalton, and Elizabeth Rapa, will present their current research around issues affecting children as they experience death and/or grief.

We are very excited to be offering this as part of our education programme and hope that as many people as possible will be able to join us to learn more.

We believe that the day will be applicable to practitioners across many health and social care disciplines.

Co-facilitators for the day will be Srinder Singh, Bereavement Care and Voluntary Services Lead for Sobell House  and Katharine House Hospices, and Kate Butcher, Education lead at OxCERPC, and we would love to hear your thoughts and views about the day!

More information and booking options can be found on our webpage https://www.sobelleducation.org.uk/product/contemporary-issues-surrounding-death-grieving/

Or you are welcome to email Kate or Srinder directly to discuss kate.butcher@ouh.nhs.uk or Srinder.singh@ouh.nhs.uk

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