Hospice UK project to improve experience of carers wins national award

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A project led by carers from the Hospice UK People in Partnership Group that aims to improve the experience of carers supporting patients receiving end of life care in a hospital or hospice has won the Environment of Care award at the Patient Experience Network National Awards.

The Fresh Eyes approach to improve the experience of carers has been co-created by NHS Improvement, People in Partnership and Hospice UK with funding from NHSE. It focuses on using sight, hearing, smell and feelings with personal and professional perspectives to feedback on the opportunities to improve experience and to note the things that are already great.

The project sees a team of carers with lived experience of end of life care, healthcare professionals and nominated staff from the hospital or hospice undertake a walkthrough beginning in the car park, through Accident and Emergency departments, short stay acute admissions, wards, public areas, mortuary and bereavement services. Other areas visited include reception, the coffee shop, restaurant and chapel.

The Fresh Eyes walkthroughs have identified a range of issues from small, easy to address tasks such as clutter and poor signage, to bigger problems sometimes needing financial investment or cultural change, for instance outdated design. Some issues were simple enough that they could be fixed within hours of the visit, in other cases the visit helped to raise the profile for necessary change and investment.

Part of the impetus for change after the Fresh Eyes walkthrough was the feedback given by the multi professional team to a panel of senior managers, executives and decision makers.

Lesley Goodburn, Chair of the People in Partnership group and carer lead for the work said:

“We were thrilled to win the Environment of Care category at the Patient Experience Network National Awards. The project was led by people with lived experience of end of life care who were able to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in equal partnership to design, implement and advise on improvements that would make a difference to patients, carers and staff”

The Patient Experience Network is an independent, ‘not-for-profit’ membership-based network dedicated to improving patient and staff experience. The awards are given to the people and projects that have improved the experience of care whether it is for patients, carers, families or staff.

To see the full list of award winners visit Patient Experience Network National Awards

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