iPad donation keeps patients connected to loved ones and hospice services

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Patients cared for at The Myton Hospice’s Inpatient Unit in Coventry have been able to keep in touch with family and staff during the Coronavirus pandemic thanks to a generous donation of iPads.

Local construction company CEMEX donated two iPads to the hospice, which helped patients stay in touch with loved ones they couldn’t see because of the limits placed on visitors or the restrictions on travel from abroad.

The hospice has also adapted the way it delivers some of its services, such as the Fatigue and Breathlessness clinic and the Living Well Programme, an outpatient service that helps people with relaxation techniques and exercise. The iPads have enabled staff to continue delivering these services during lockdown, and they will continue to use the devices to support people who may be vulnerable and unable to leave their homes going forward.

Specialist Physiotherapist Susan is one of the Myton team who has used the iPads with patients and families. She said: “It has been such a difficult time for patients and their relatives and being able to offer these calls has been really beneficial. Family members have been in touch to say how grateful they have been and what a difference it has made.

“The iPads have enabled us to offer relatives, who have been unable to visit the hospice, a chance to see and speak to their loved ones, something which has been so valuable for both our patients and those that they care so much about.  Being able to offer this opportunity has made a difficult situation a little easier and we are really grateful to Cemex for their ongoing support.”

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