Is there more to death?

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Issue one includes a feature on the Death Cafe phenomenon, and a number of personal experiences of celebrating and remembering the lives of people who have died. 

There are also articles giving advice on buying a funeral, and what to look for when considering options for a natural or woodland burial. Being an online magazine, it also contains a number of videos showcasing natural burial sites.

Peter Owen Jones discusses developments in natural burials from a Christian perspective, and undertaker Ru Callender highlights the campaign to re-legalise outdoor funeral pyres. 

Plans for future issues include features on living funerals and the impact of longer lives on society, as well as more personal stories of different types of funerals. The free, online magazine will be published twice a year, with the second edition planned for autumn.

The Natural Death Centre hopes the magazine will inform and inspire, helping and encouraging people to organise personalised funerals. The charity offers practical, legal and emotional advice around death and funeral planning through its website and helpline.

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