Let’s Talk About Cancer

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A lecture hosted by the Royal College of Physicians and Marie Curie. 

“The anaesthetist’s last question before I went under was, ‘Come on, Andrew, who are the two most difficult MPs to deal with?”

Andrew McDonald was the first Chief Executive of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.  Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2007 he was told at the end of 2013 that his prostate cancer was incurable. 

In this lecture, he tells his story but also seeks to draw lessons from the communications he experienced during his treatment for cancer. And he puts forward his thoughts on how we might all do better. 

Jeremy Vine and Chris Mohr will join him on stage to bring the story to life through a number of vignettes. 

The lecture offers an opportunity to explore the relationship between doctors and their patients at the most difficult times. It does so with empathy for the challenges face but with clarity on the standards we all need to attain.

Price and times

Entry: free

Drinks and canapés: 6.45pm

Lecture starts: 7.30pm

Lecture ends: 8:45pm

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