Matters of Life and Death: The impact of bereavement in areas of deprivation

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Central Hall Westminster, London

Research shows that bereavement increases vulnerability for both short and long-term negative consequences for children and young people, particularly those in already disadvantaged circumstances.

Childhood bereavement is a significant contributory factor for poor school attainment, youth offending, increased risk of mental health issues and substance misuse.

Research also suggests that bereaved parents have an increased risk of health problems and high mortality rates; the negative impact on the relationship of parents experiencing child death is well-documented.

Appropriate, timely and good quality support can have a positive impact on future well-being and long-term outcomes for bereaved children, young people and parents.

This conference will enable delegates to explore these issues, based on the evidence and experience of Child Bereavement UK’s three year project to identify and enhance bereavement support in areas of deprivation around England.

This conference is relevant to all those concerned with making a difference to families living in deprivation, including:

  • Health, and social care executives and practitioners
  • Directors and senior managers in education
  • Central and local government officers
  • Parliamentarians
  • Early Interventionists
  • Third sector organisations
  • Bereavement practitioners

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