Palliative care services for people with dementia: a national call for evidence

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The Supporting Excellence in End of Life Care in Dementia (SEED) programme aims to support professionals, both commissioners and providers, to deliver good quality, community-based end of life care in dementia, through the development of an Integrated Care Pathway (ICP).

In order to provide a strong foundation of practical knowledge for the development of the ICP, researchers want to hear about good local practice in different care settings.

To answer the call, you can access the survey online.

The SEED programme is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and is led by Professor Louise Robinson at the University of Newcastle, in collaboration with partner organisations including University College London, the University of Hertfordshire and the National Council of Palliative Care.

For further information about the SEED programme please visit or contact Dr Sarah Amador at

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