Prospect Hospice launches new education passport for care home staff

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This month Prospect Hospice’s education team has launched a brand new and unique concept for healthcare assistants working in care and residential homes.

The Prospect Hospice Education Passport aims to provide a gateway in the development of skills for healthcare assistants caring for people at the end of life. 

The passport document is used to record the completion of five specific modules participants attend at Prospect Hospice, alongside the related observational assessments they are required to complete in their own workplace.

The passport document will be recognised locally by all care and residential homes and healthcare assistants will be able to transfer employment to another care home with the confidence that they can continue to work within their passport gateway to full completion. 

Healthcare assistants with a fully completed and stamped passport will be able to demonstrate their skills and training in the field of end of life care throughout their career.

Combining theory with practical experience

“The Prospect Hospice passport is a unique gateway to effective learning in end-of-life care,” says Prospect Hospice Education Facilitator Jill Beckhelling.

“It provides structured learning, combining theory with practical experience. It is unique because we follow up the education theory sessions with practice-based observation in the participant’s place of work”. 

Observations will be completed by Prospect Hospice’s Education Facilitator and its specialist nurses working in care homes.  

All learning activity is recorded, signed and stamped as each module is undertaken with a certificate issued when all modules have been completed. The passport is then stamped and remains valid for two years

“The education passport is a framework for continued learning for all participants and from our many conversations with local care home managers and staff, we know this is something they certainly welcome,” added Jill.

The launch of the Passport concept was marked recently when a pilot group of nine staff from three local care homes attended their first full day’s training at Prospect Hospice, and many were greatly impressed by their day. 

Comments from participants included: “It was very impressive”, “I learned a lot”, “There’s a lot that you can put in place”, “It was well presented”, “I am looking forward to the next one,” and “I will feel very proud to complete this programme.”

Find out more about the work of Prospect Hospice by visiting the website. 

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